A few reasons to choose Park City Ski Places for your property:

1. Our job is to make it easy for you to own property in Park City.

2. We are in business to protect you and your investment while providing a return on your investment to offset the cost of owning the property.

3. We specialize in providing the highest levels of professional, ethical and courteous customer service for every owner and guest.

4. We care about each and every property and we strive to meet each owners specific needs so they can also feel comfortable that their property is in the right hands.

5. We are the only property management company in Park City with a Property Owners' Bill of Rights that will live and breathe by.

6. We have a local, professional presence that can respond immediately to guests and owners needs, 24-7, so we can handle problems that may arise quickly.

7. Our staff is college educated and is well-experienced in property management so we can make the most informed decisions about your property.

8. We offer travel insurance to guests so they can book their vacation with peace of mind knowing if they have to cancel they can submit a claim for a full refund. This increases bookings and also protects your rental revenues from cancellations.

9. We provide free consultation to owners on matters of furnishing the property, cleaning requirements and amenities that guests seek so the property can be frequently requested.

10. We set competitive rental rates based on market demand and we know when to adjust them to maximize your revenues even during slow seasons.

11. We inspect your property inside and out, before and after each and every rental to ensure our cleanliness standards are met and to eliminate any potential problems before they arise.

12. We manage all keys and control all forms of access to your property so no interruptions occur with guests and no unauthorized parties can access your property.

13. We have high quality standards for our housekeeping and guest experience services and monitor our standards continuously so our guests remain happy and feel comfortable.

14. We administer competitive analysis exercises to ensure our company continuously outpaces the competition.

15. We use sophisticated property management software and websites to manage reservations, listings and promotions for your property making our operations more efficient with less overhead than other companies.

16. We take professional looking photographs of your property and inventory and create detailed listings that describe the features of both the property and the surrounding area and amenities so guests feel more comfortable and informed and choose our properties over others.

17. We handle all aspects of the reservations: rental contracts, confirmation correspondence, directions, and payment methods so you dont have to worry about the details.

18. We send you detailed monthly revenue reporting and your rental remuneration within the first week of each month for the prior months rental activity so you have your rental money quickly.

19. We do not take risks with your rental revenue. All funds are kept in a federally insured checking account until paid to the owner.  We do not need financing to support our operations.  Ask the owners who used Deer Valley Lodging and got screwed out of their money how important this is.

20. We prepare your 1099 tax forms at the end of every year to make it easy for you to file your rental property taxes.

Park City Ski Places' Property Owners' Bill of Rights

1. You have the right to pay a reasonable commission without hidden fees. 

2. You have the right to receive reliable courteous service.

3. You have the right to be treated like our company's best asset.

4. You have the right to receive an honest opinion and evaluation.

5. You have the right to stay at your own condo or house at a moment's notice.

6. You have the right to receive monthly statements and account settlements.

7. You have the right to receive annual account statements and 1099.

8. You have the right to receive an annual inspection of your condo or house.

9. You have the right to access your account information on-line, 24/7.

10. You have the right to receive prompt answers to your questions.

11. You have the right to arrive at a clean, well-kept condo or house.

12. You have the right to be kept informed of any problems in a timely manner.

Fees Charged by Park City Ski Places

1. Our property management fee is 30% of the gross monthly rental revenue. There are no "hidden fees" in our management fee.  Read the fine print of other companies.

2. There are no out-of-pocket startup expenses, but we deduct a one-time setup fee of $249 from your first rental. This is not a bogus charge; it takes a lot of work to enroll your property in our management program. The fee is used to obtain high quality photos of your property, shoot and edit a 2 minute virtual tour, take an inventory of your home, develop detailed directions to your property, determine access procedures to your property, create a detailed listing on our website, and develop an advertising action plan for your unit.

3. Credit card fees. We are charged about 2.75% for credit card processing which is included in our management fee.  One of our competitors charges owners an 8% credit card fee! That's a crime and they know it; lucky for them most of their clients do not.